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■ 邁入二十一世紀的交通新境界

智慧型運輸系統(Intelligent Transport Systems, ITS)是世界各國邁入二十一世紀交通運輸之發展主流。ITS領域涵蓋公路、鐵路、航空、海運等各種運輸模式,涉及光電、通信、資訊、車輛、控制等先進科技,需要結合產、官、學、研等資源,方能營造ITS之成功條件。
為有效解決我國交通擁擠、交通事故、環境污染、交通能源等問題及提高我國在國際之競爭力,實有必要參考先進國家發展,成立涵蓋產、官、學、研之ITS組織,故中華智慧型運輸系統協會(ITS Taiwan)乃應運而生,並於中華民國八十七年七月二十日假台北國際會議中心成立。
展望ITS市場潛力無窮、商機可觀,本會擬邀請閣下入會,不但可掌握國內ITS產、官、學、研等部門之最新動態 ,亦可透過本會與世界各國ITS組織接軌,獲取海外重要資訊,敬請填寫申請書,回覆本會,本會將立即辦理您的申請。

■ New realm into the twenty-first century transportation

Steeping into the new century, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) becomes the mainstream solution for developed countries to manager their transportation. ITS covers roadway, railway, aviation and waterway transportation, involving in optoelectronics, communication, information, automobile, control technologies that require integrations of resources from the government, industry, academy and research institutions to achieve the overall success.
The benefits of deploying ITS in the European countries, US and Japan are quite significant. Thus, other countries are trying to catch up this trend by initializing ITS associations to promote ITS. From the outcomes of the annual ITS World Congress, delegates from all of world show off their fruitful results of ITS deployment. Among them, multi-disciplines cooperation is a prerequisite condition for the optimum success. The leader must direct multi-agency deployment that is, for example, the Vice President in US, the Prime Ministers in Europe and in Japan.
In order to solve the problems of congestions, traffic accidents, pollutions and energy shortages and in order to enhance the competitiveness of a country, a professional ITS association should be established as other developed countries calling experts from industry, government, academy, and research institutes. Thus, ITS-Taiwan was found on July 20, 1998 at Taipei International Convention Center.
By checking the outlook of ITS development in Taiwan, you will find numerous business opportunities. We would like to invite you to join ITS-Taiwan to gain more access to the ITS activities across the industry, government, academy and research institutions. Also, you will be able to research out the international ITS associations for timely information of procurement and deployment. Please fill out the enclosed application form and we will immediately process your application. Thank you!