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ITS-Taiwan aims to link the industrial, governmental, and academic and research institutional resources of Taiwan and around the world for promoting the development of the smart society by adopting the technologies of information, communications, photoelectric engineering, general engineering, control systems, automation, transportation, environmental and atmospheric aspects, etc., for applications in the land, air and sea. While deploying ITS for enhancing our mobility, improving safety and reducing carbon emissions, a careful balance between human demands and ecological protection is essential. Thus, the increasing of energy efficiency, thriving green economy and upgrading of the nation’s competitiveness help enable Taiwan to reach the goal of fulfilling its responsibility as citizens of the world.


  1. Advise the Government in formulating the strategies of development for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).
  2. Promote the Standardization of ITS in both the Private and Public Sectors.
  3. Provide a complete “one-stop” portal of information and services for ITS in Taiwan.
  4. Establish international linkages with related world-wide ITS organizations and strengthen cooperation and interaction between each other.
  5. Participate in ITS Research and Development (R&D) and technical consulting services.
  6. Enhance trade opportunities for domestic and international ITS industries, and organize technical visits, forums and exhibitions, trade-shows, etc., as well as taking part in ITS international conferences.
  7. Support ITS education and professional training for the private and public sectors.
  8. Campaign for the benefits for ITS deployment.