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A number of high-tech law enforcement systems in Taiwan will be launched on the roads in 2021. Chunghwa Telecom and DFI Inc. have created a real-time AI license plate recognition system that combines high-performance computing cores and intelligent algorithms to assist the Nantou County Police Department to eliminate vehicle violations and build a comprehensive mobile strategy for better road safety.
The Nantou County Police Department partnered with Chunghwa Telecom to deploy mobile AI license plate recognition systems to take photos, videos and report driving violations. Not only does this make up for the lack of police manpower, but the system can also read motor vehicle and motorcycle license plates and compare these with their cloud database in real time. 
With DFI ES220-CS as its computing core, the system is designed with a strong, durable aluminum structure, expandable peripheral interface, and conforms to mainstream wireless network transmission standards, connecting readily to the Chunghwa Telecom network. The AI license plate recognition software ensures that this technology is fool-proof and works seamlessly.
Factors such as vehicle speed, climate and external environment can negatively affect license plate recognition success rates and accuracy. High bandwidth and throughput is necessary to ensure image quality. Extreme weather conditions such as smog or heavy rain can increase the processing workload on the backend, requiring image processing and distortion reduction before AI identification can be carried out. 
The DFI ES220-CS has an Intel® Core™ processor capable of executing real-time and high-performance AI calculations on the CPU alone, reducing the burden on the network and storage through its hardware encoding and decoding capabilities. The overall efficiency of the system is thus increased without delays even when performing cloud data verification. The highly scalable I/O interfaces can be linked with the alarm system to automatically issue violation warnings to drivers, greatly reducing the demand for law enforcement manpower and lessening their mental burden. 
With the aid of reliable and efficient AI image recognition technology, the Nantou County Police Department has greatly improved the efficiency of their high-tech law enforcement systems, driving a new course for AI-based road safety applications